Top 10 Useless Gadgets of 2013

December 9, 2013 in Entertainment by bbadmin

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So far 2013 has been a great year for gadget lovers, with some outstanding new releases including the Pebble SmartWatch, iPad Air and Evobike Bomber. If you are looking for the perfect Christmas prezzie for the techie in your life there is a vast range to choose from… In our efforts to help we could have put together a list of the must haves, but instead we decided to put together some of the definitely avoids!

USB Mouse with Digital Scale

The perfect gadget for the office drug dealer! Anyone else will look at this and think why? A successful invention solves one of life’s little problems. One can only imagine what problems this combo was designed to overcome. How heavy is your hand?

Text-Messaging Chandeliertext message chandelier

The text massaging chandelier – for those who want to share their private massages with the whole household in the most garish way possible. The Chandelier, a must have accessory for your luxury home. With over a thousand LEDs and over two thousand crystals this chandelier can bring a touch of class to any home… but why does it need to display text messages?

Laser guided scissors

Are you anal about the accuracy of your cutting? The perhaps a laser guided scissors is for you. Sure you could fold the paper or pencil out a guide line with a ruler, but the laser looks so much cooler!

Laptop steering Wheel Desklaptop-steering-wheel-desk_2

This gadget does exactly what it says on the tin, a laptop desk that attaches to your steering wheel. It is illegal to use a mobile phone while driving… so instead of making that urgent call why not get your laptop out and send an email instead. That’ll be much safer!

Useless boxuseless-box

Another gadget that is what it says it is. A box that is completely and utterly useless. Insert your batteries, switch it on and wait for the magic to happen – it switches itself off. Not much more to say on this one.


At first glance this gadget looks like a potty with an iPad stand attached. Well that’s because it is a potty with an iPad stand. The idea is to give your child something to distract them while potty training so they sit there until they are finished. Personally I would rather give them a cheap toy that try to explain to my insurer the reason why my tablet has urine damage.


The Christmas present that tells you’re loved on they are overweight and/or they eat like a pig; a fork that tells you when you are eating too much or too quickly. That’s going to be fun at Christmas dinner!

Ultra-HD 4K Televisions

HD wasn’t clear enough. 40, 50, 60 inch screens too small? Then maybe you should consider switching to 4K. 4K brings cinema quality to your home with double the resolution of HD. There’s no doubt the quality of the picture is outstanding, but what are you going to watch on it? Super high capacity DVDs or turbo internet streaming? Maybe in the future 4K will replace HD, but for now your picture quality is limited by the content you can play on it.

iMusic Bodyrhythm

Massager devices are quite popular. And syncing your massage to your favourite tune sounds like a good idea. But do you really want to walk around wearing a toilet seat? The iMusic Bodyrhythm, a decent idea, but terrible design.

Spike Typesmart

Are you fed up of your sleek smart phone design? Do you want to age it 10 years with a clunky keyboard that works almost as well as your phones touch screen keyboard? Well then you should invest in the Spike Type Smart.