What happened to my robot butler?

November 28, 2013 in House and Home by bbadmin

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When looking to the future old Sci-fi shows predicted the 21st Century home would have robots managing the day to day chores and food provided in pill form or by “Star Trek” replicators. In truth are homes have changed very little, and while machinery for washing clothes and dishes have improved, we are still doing most of the housework.

Today the future of homes is more about giving us more control along with some automation of basic tasks.

Definition of a Smart Home: “A dwelling incorporating a communications network that connects the key electrical appliances and services, and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored or accessed.” Department of Trade and Industry (2003)

How much does a Smart Home Cost?

A very basic conversion can be completed for just a few thousand pounds. Then at the top end of the scale you could easily spend hundreds of thousands of pounds. You can tailor the features to suit your budget, but what should you include in your smart home?

Smart Controls

Smart homes are all about giving you the ability to remotely control everything in your home, all from your smart phone. Lighting, heating, window shades, swimming pool covers, door locks, security cameras, sound systems and home theatres can all be adapted to be controlled by a smart phone or tablet device.

Smart Monitoring

At a very basic level energy companies have already developed devices to monitor your energy usage. Usually these are given away free to encourage householders to be more efficient. Similar systems can be installed into your Smart home slowing you to measure and monitor all aspects of your home life. Sensors can be fitted to give even more information about your home, measuring temperature, monitoring weather conditions and anything else you may be interested in. All this information can be sent to an app and monitored using graphs and spreadsheets.

Home Automation

With control and monitoring systems in place the next step is full automation of your indoor environment. With your home opening its own windows to let in fresh air or turning on the heating as it gets cold. This technology is already used in many commercial buildings to help ensure a healthy indoor environment and to keep energy costs down.

Taking Tech from Cars

Nearly every new car now has locks and alarms that can be activated remotely at the push of a button.  Why can’t this be the same for our homes? Well it can. This is a very simple, but impressive feature to add to your smart home.

Smart Security Systems

Most homes have at least a basic alarm system. Smart homes take this to the next level, incorporating sensors and cameras that can warn you not only when your home is being burgled, but if your toddler is getting too close to the hot oven, or unattended near a pool.

Robot Servants

The final bit of good news! Some household chores may be taken over by robots. But these are not the sci-fi humanoid robots we were promised, but rather small automated machines developed for one specific purpose. Automated vacuum cleaner and lawn mower machines have already been developed and while limited at the moment it is likely these types of products will become more common in the future.

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