Revealing the Technology behind Slot Machines

January 10, 2014 in Uncategorized by bbadmin

The vital elements that run a modern Vegas machine

Slot machines have come a long way in terms of utilizing the latest technology to provide a more entertaining and fair experience to players. If in the past they were merely powered by mechanical reels, today, they’re being run by a much more complicated technological design that is quite interesting to delve into.

While each slot machine has its own unique set of features in terms of game play, they’re all powered up by the same sets of engine. In a sense, there are three main gears that run slots and they’re all necessary for the machines to function properly.

Random Number Generator or RNG

RNG is the most important feature of a slot machine. It ensures that a machine is fair when it comes to producing the outcome of the reel images on the screen. The RNG technology disproves the common misconception that there are only certain times where slot machines are producing good results. The RNG produces thousands of random numbers that correspond to an image on a reel, therefore allowing slots to always produce random outcomes no matter what the time of the day.

Slot Machine Security

Of course, with slots’ popularity and payout jackpots that are bigger than the ones at table games, slot machines are quite prone to cheaters. As such, several security measures are placed inside them. In physical slot machines today, the Hardware Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is what’s commonly injected in the machines in order to avoid hacking into the game’s data. On the other hand, the SATA Real-time Full disk Encryption ASIC is also a popular technology being used to prevent the writing of unauthorized data to the slots machines’ hard disk.
Conversely, online casinos are much stricter since virtual slots are more prone to hacking. As such, online casino operators comply with a standardized set of security measures that are necessary for online operation. They adhere to a certain security standard known as the ISO27001 certification, which is laid by the International Organization for Standardization. UK casino online gaming provider BetFair describes the ISO27001 certification as compliance to the required security management, policies, and standards necessary to protect the customers and business. Online gaming companies also undergo annual PCI Validation in order to keep their security in customer credit card payments checked.
Payout Percentages
Slot machines are programmed to give out a percentage of their earnings. They are usually programmed to give out 75% – 90% of their revenues within a given time frame. The payout percentage program makes sure that slots don’t just get from players but give out winnings as well. The payout percentage rate differs from where a slot machine is stationed. For example, in Las Vegas casinos, slot machines are obligated to cash out 75 percent of its total earnings, while in New York, it’s around 90 percent. So for example, if a Las Vegas slot machine has garnered a total amount of $200,000, it is required to give back winnings that amount to $150,000 within a given time.
As technology advances, slot machines will also progress in terms of game play, fairness, and security. In the future, one can only wonder what kind of additions will be inserted, what with the already ground-breaking and impressive features that these machines offer.