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Christmas for Gamers

December 7, 2013 in Gaming by bbadmin

So you think you’re a hardcore gamer? Some recent research into gamer behaviour has some shocking… and disgusting outcomes. It seems some gamers out there will do just about anything to keep on playing, including missing out on social events, sex and even going to the bathroom.

In the survey almost half of male gamers admitted that they had turned down sex to carry on playing, while almost a third of female gamers have passed up on hen nights and even weddings! Perhaps the most disgusting discovery from the survey was that around 1 in 7 gamers confessed to urinating in cups or bottles to avoid having to leave the room to go to the bathroom.

Another big surprise was that many gamers would even skip Christmas lunch if it meant they could keep playing. Another Christmas stat – 43% of gamers will be spending the majority of the holiday period glued to their consoles. So for those dedicated gamers out there we have a solution… in fact we have two of them – Christmas dinner in a can.

No longer will you have to waste precious gaming time socialising with family and friends in order to get a Christmas meal. Nor will you need to resort to cooking your own dinner, after all who wants to be chopping veg when you could be hacking away at a flesh eating zombie or beating an unsuspecting prostitute with a baseball bat.

We bring you Christmas dinner in a tin:

The Christmas Tinner

christmas tinner

Brought to us from Game, the Christmas Tinner has nine layers of food, encompassing an entire three course meal. That’s right, a starter, main course and dessert all in one glutinous squidgy tub, wrapped up in a full metal jacket for your convenience.

So what do you get from your Chrismas Tinner? We start off with bacon and scrambled eggs, followed by a fruity layer of mincemeat – mmm. Then it’s on to the main course, which includes layers of succulent turkey, potatoes, carrots plus all the trimmings. Finally dessert is a boozy Christmas pud. Each layer is lovingly wrapped in luxurious gelatine before being individually inserted into the tin. All this microwavy goodness for just £1.99 – who needs mum eh?



HotCan Christmas Dinner

HotCan Christmas Dinner

So perhaps the Christmas Tinner is not your thing? Does heating your meal on the stove or in the oven seem like too much work? Who wants to be wasting their time in the kitchen when there are bad guys out there walking around unshot? Well HotCan has the solution. A self heating can of Christmas dinner!

The HotCan dinner doesn’t go for the 3 course luxury of the Christmas Tinner. This one is all about convenience. So instead you get turkey casserole with veggies, chipolatas, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Then they throw in a twist of genius. The can within a can has a layer of limestone granules in between, with a water sachet to help the chemical reaction along. Pierce the rim of the can to let the water flow into the processed limestone. The exothermic reaction will warm up the food to over 60oC. Just 12 minutes later Christmas dinner is served – and you barely had to move.


The BearBottom

So there you have it. Christmas no longer has to be about spending time with family and friends. Get yourself a Christmas dinner in a tin and a nice big empty bottle and you can spend the whole holiday period without ever having to leave your gaming seat.

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Xbox One Vs PS4

December 1, 2013 in Gaming by bbadmin


With Christmas fast approaching and the shopping season in full swing we take a look at two competing gifts sure to be at the top of lots of Christmas wish lists – the new Xbox One and the Playstation 4. Each console will have its own supporters from the 360 and PS3, but if you’re sat on the fence, which console should you go for?

Playstation 4 Review

The new Playstation has been completely redesigned, both inside and out… including a new Dualshock controller with built in touchpad. One of the biggest changes has been the move to a more mainstream processor. Developers never quite accepted the PS3s processor, so in comes a powerful 8 core ship from AMD. So we are left with a very powerful gaming machine, with an improved controller. The PS4 is all about the gaming experience.

PS4 Remote Play

The new Playstation’s unique feature could be enough to sway those unconvinced by the Xbox – Remote Play. This feature enables you to play PS4 games on you handheld PS Vita. The idea is a stroke of genius, but it practice the streaming experience suffers badly from lag; and the problem gets worse the further away you move. It’s a nice idea, but definitely needs some work.

Dualshock 4 Controller

As mentioned earlier there have been improvements to the controller. It remains true to the old design, but with improved ergonomics and the addition of a couple of very interesting features. The touchpad gives a new element to control games. Developers should have some fun integrating this into gameplay. There’s also a built in speaker, which again adds another element to gameplay. For example in Killzone it plays audio logs.

To compete with the Xbox’s Kinnect, the PS4 has the Playstation Camera (bought separately). This brings facial recognition software and voice controls. The facial recognition works exceptionally well, but this device is no match for the Kinnect.

The Bear Bottom

The PS4 is designed for one purpose only – gaming. The design is simple, but effective. Unfortunately the games have so far been uninspiring. The home menu is also very disappointing, as is the Playstation Camera and Remote Play, but I would expect these features to be enhanced and updated in the coming months. One area the PS4 wins hands down is on price, coming in at over £100 cheaper than the Xbox.

Xbox One Review

Sony went for a pure gaming console, Microsoft, on the other hand, want their device to be the focal point of your entertainment systems.  They have also gone for an AMD 8 core processor, updated graphics card and updated controller. However they are aiming for a total entertainment machine, which allows you to use the impressive voice control features to control other devices.

Xbox One Connectivity

Microsoft has already released their SmartGlass app to link you Xbox to your tablet or smartphone. With Xbox One this feature has gone from strength to strength, including functions such as being able to control your apps remotely, pre-load movie purchases, participate in multiplayer games and reply to messages using your device’s touch keyboard are fantastic.

Controlling the Xbox One

Externally there is little change in the new controller, other than some very minor improvements to the button positioning. There have been some very minor improvements in other areas, including individual rumble motors for each trigger.

Perhaps the most remarkable feature has been the development of the Kinnect – which now comes included with the console and goes someway to making up for the price difference from the PS4. Voice commands work as it should and the motion sensor is very precise. Developers have also started to make more of an effort to incorporate these features into gameplay. For example in Dead Rising 3 you can call out to support commands to allies.

The Bear Bottom

Microsoft is positioning their console as a complete multimedia device. It is still very much a gaming console, and has a very strong line-up of titles. One of the biggest drawbacks though remains the price. There are also many reluctant to forgive Microsoft for attempting to restrict the sale of used games and requiring the device to be connected to the internet.

So Which One is Better?

When it comes to choosing between the systems it all comes down to personal choice. It all depends on what you are looking for.

If you just want a gaming console then save your money and go for the PS4. At the moment the Xbox has the better games, but the Playstation will soon catch up, and in the years to come it will offer more hours of gaming fun. On the other hand if you want a more wide ranging device for whole family entertainment, then the Xbox One does have some fantastic features.

Choosing just based on the games is always going to be tough, but will depend largely on whether you prefer the Playstation or the Xbox exclusives. It is very early in the lives of the consoles and you never know if one of them will pull out an exclusive title in the near future that is something special.

As for me I am going for the Playstation 4. The price is a factor, as are Microsoft’s misguided “always online” plan; or perhaps it’s just after years of Xbox ownership I need a change.